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Terms of Use

All patterns purchased from me are subject to my Terms of Use. By purchasing these patterns, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms of Use. If, for any reason, you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not purchase.

You may use these patterns to make finished items to be given as gifts to family and friends. This is considered personal use and any personal use is allowed.

You may use these patterns to make finished items to be given as charitable gifts.

You may use these patterns to make finished items to be used for purposes of charitable raffles or drawings.

Producing Items for Sale or Profit

When purchasing a pattern from me, I grant you license to make three items for sale or profit to you. Each pattern comes with a license for three only. You can sell these items in whatever venue you choose whether it is online or offline. You can sell them on your own website or on websites like Etsy or eBay. You can sell them at local craft fairs, church craft fairs, flea markets, antique shopping marts, etc.

Once you have sold three, the license expires. However, it's very easy to purchase a new license of three simply by purchasing another pattern.

This is solely a show of appreciation for my work. If my work has been satisfactory in your success as a small business owner, please consider showing appreciation of my work by adhering to my license policy. I won't ever be "checking up" on any sales of any kind made from my patterns. It is solely up to you whether you feel that my work has assisted you in the sale of your project and whether you would have that project had it not been for my work. Showing appreciation is completely up to you.

You are not allowed permission to use any content, photos or images from my website in order to sell your finished projects. You must take your own photos and create your own descriptions.

You do not need to give me credit for the design on a fancy tag or by way of a link on the website page. And, in fact, I would prefer that you didn't. My business does not currently involve the selling of finished projects. I already get enough emails from people asking me to sell them finished items.

When you think about it, this is self-defeating anyway. If you make a project to sell, why on Earth would you automatically give other crafters a source to find the pattern so that they can directly compete with you? You can give the information if directly asked about it, of course (live or by email or whatnot). But, you don't need to provide that information on a hang tag or in your item description.

What I am keenly interested in, however, is how people are using my patterns. So, if you decide to sell finished objects from my patterns, I would appreciate your letting me know at I am a human being and I get a bit of personal satisfaction in my work when I know that someone feels my work is of sufficient quality that they are making a profit from it. And, this information will help me to decide what other patterns I may provide in the future.


My Terms of Use are very straight-forward and easy to understand. There is an unlimited license for items made for personal use. Each pattern automatically comes with a license to make three items for sale. You are not allowed to use content, photos, images from my website for your finished project. You must make your own. If you would like to sell more than three, purchase another pattern for an additional license to make three more.

On a more personal note, I am very much aware of the bucket loads of information being dessiminated across the internet that people are allowed to make as many projects as they want and sell them whether the designer has declared a license or not. I disagree and I encourage you to hold on to the addage of not believing everyting you read on the internet.

I am thrilled that someone would think that the work that I put into creating a design and writing a pattern could become a marketable project. The project is YOUR work. However, what got you there is MY work. I can't uphold this license because, honestly, I don't have the means to locate every single instance of a project being made and sold. We are working on the honor system here. If you have made a project and sold it three times, you have profitted from work we've both participated in. Use the pattern. Enjoy! I love and appreciate your work! But, if you've sold three projects from one of my patterns and you've made a profit, then does it really hurt to show your appreciation of MY work by purchasing another inexpensive $5 license?